Showroom Design Cost Management-4

The Process Can Now Begin

 Vol.2, Issue 4


After you decide what type of showroom you want, one geared toward retailing or one geared to the trade (wholesalers), the next step is to determine what you will display. Displaying products that bring in higher margins, move quickly and invite interest will attract more customers into your showroom. For example, you might feature a nationally recognized product seen on television or print advertising. These are the “Hot” items that should be viewed in a dedicated “Just Arrived” or “Look What’s New” area of your showroom. The space need not be large, just attractively lit with clear sight-lines from the front door. This will also give you an opportunity to hold “new product events” at your showroom. Next, consider how you display the products that make up your core business. These are the items you sell day in and day out — your “bread and butter” items. These products will most likely take up the majority of your floor space, so it is paramount to display as much as possible in the least amount of space without looking “cluttered.”

When creating a retail area within your showroom, a few things need to be considered when choosing the look and location within your store.

  1. The retail space should be located near the main public entry to the showroom. This will invite customers to browse while waiting for staff assistance.
  2. Offer refreshments near the retail space to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere while customers browse the merchandise.
  3. Differentiate the retail space by using different finishes than those used in the other display areas, defining the retail shop while complementing the showroom displays.

This is the fourth in a series of 12 topics outlining successful Showroom Design Cost Management. Look for next month’s topic: Planning & Display Strategies For Your Showroom.

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