Showroom Cost Management, Vol. 2, Issue 9

Keeping the Doors Open… Pardon Our Dust

 Vol.2, Issue 9


Now you’ve got the perfect showroom design. It’s full of really cool products andyou have selected the right contractor, forthe right budget. You’re ready to start demo of your old showroom but, before you bring out the sledgehammer, you need to create a “phasing plan” that will allow you to keep your profit center producing during construction. There is no question that this process will be an inconvenience for customers and staff. The goal will be to keep people happy and loyal during the disruption.

  • If you’re really conscientious about customer relations, you can keep generating sales duringconstruction.
  • Advertise “Extra Savings” on closeout products that you don’t plan on reusing in the new showroom design.
  • Promote extra discounts on selected products during construction. Inform your vendors of your plan and ask for help with pricing. See if they can help you create “Construction Specials”. This can offset some drop in sales during the remodel.
  • For patrons that brave your mess and make large purchases, reward selected customers with a $25 gift card to a local restaurant or a larger amount to encourage them to return for your grand opening. You will be amazed at how appreciated this can make your customers feel.
  • Offer your customers a giveaway emblazoned with your company logo. Portable cell phone chargers are great and stay with your customer for a long time. Printing a slogan associated with your remodel project, along with a grand opening date, would be ideal.
  • Have a different giveaway for each phase of your project, to keep people interested.

This is the ninth in a series of 12 topics outlining successful Showroom Design Cost Management. Look for next month’s topic: Getting your Vendors On Board

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